YPI Project Earns $5000 for Charity

This past month, Grade 10 students in the Careers course participated in the YPI competition. YPI otherwise known as Youth Philanthropy Initiative is an interactive highschool program that encourages students to actively create social change in their communities. Students were put into groups where they chose a local grassroot charity to research. With this, each group would get a chance to possibly win $5,000 for their charity. Over the days, they studied each charity’s history, values, programs, and community impact. The students dived deeper into their exploration by physically visiting their respective charity. Mid April, each group presented what they learn about their charity to the class and teachers. In the next level of competition, groups that well-presented their charity moved on to the finals. Each of these groups gave their presentations in front of the school, student, teacher and YPI judges. This year’s finalists were all very strong and evenly matched. The winners of this year’s competition were Kayla Drummond, Miranda Su, and Faith Joseph, representatives of Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter. We are proud of all our competitors and are looking forward to the future social change in our world.