Executive Board

The newly formed CPC Executive Board is composed of senior staff, current & past parents, alumni, and faculty, along with talented and experienced representatives from the education and business community. The Board’s foremost intention is to ensure that Crestwood Preparatory College continues to:

Inspire Excellence & Nurture Individuality

The CPC Executive Board operates in tandem with the Head of School, Mr. Dave Hecock and together, we are committed to the successful stewardship of the College.

The Board meets bi-monthly, augmented by ad hoc sub-committee meetings in the areas of Governance, Policy, Alumni, Parent and Community Relations.

The members of the CPC Executive Board are:
Harold Peerenboom (Chairman)

Robin Peerenboom (Vice Chair)

Dave Hecock (Head of School)

Robert Peerenboom (Vice President Administration)

Andy Krupski (Director)

Lindsay Peerenboom (Director)

Bill Holland (Director)

Gregg Peerenboom (Director)

Ex Officio Members:
Lisa Newton (Assistant Head of School/Director of Athletics)

Phil Santomero (Assistant Head of School)

Communication to CPC families and friends of the College is through email. Inquiries for the Chair of the Board can be directed to:cpc.execboardchair@crestwood.on.ca