Grade 12 Student Has Work Published In CIS Literary Journal

Each year, the CITE (Conference of Independent Teachers of English) holds a writing contest, into which each CIS school can submit an entry.  This year, the genre being highlighted was creative non-fiction.  In the fall, all Grade 12 students wrote a feature magazine article, and the top assignment, written by Megan Werger (’18), was submitted as Crestwood’s entry to the contest.  Megan’s article, entitled “Ignition“, is set in colonial Zimbabwe and is written in the voice of a reporter advocating for better treatment for the indigenous peoples of the country.  We learned last month that her piece had been selected for publication in inCITE, the literary journal of the CIS.  We are very proud of her accomplishment, and she was honoured in Town Hall Thursday morning by having her sign the school’s copy of the journal, which will remain at Crestwood for posterity.  Congratulations, Megan!