Information Technology

Information and Creative Technologies

The internet and world-wide web have given us access to vast amounts of information on almost any topic. At Crestwood, we believe in equipping students to function in this age of information. Technologies for gathering, storing, processing and communicating information are taught to our students with the goal of preparing each child for these and other skills. To that end, the Crestwood program focuses on ten major areas of computer application skills:

    • Basic Computer Skills
    • Keyboarding Skills
    • Google Docs, Slides. Sheets, Drawing etc.
    • Communications
    • Research
    • Multimedia


Program Features:

    • Timetabled instruction for all students JK through 6
    • Curriculum enhancement in science, math, social studies, and language arts
    • Computer clubs * JK – Gr. 2 / *Gr.3 – 6
    • SMART Boards in all classrooms