The Crestwood Experience

If you ask a Crestwood parent why they like us so much, you will hear:

    • “Excellent communication between home and school.”
    • “The school is about the kid.”
    • “They get it.”
    • “Excellent teachers.”
    • “Creativity is encouraged.”
    • “Kids get a good solid foundation.”

“Thank you for providing such a warm, loving and nurturing environment that fosters both independent and group study and self-esteem, and has such a high standard of education. Congratulations on a first-rate, fabulous school that we are all proud to be associated with.” —Laurel Fleisher

When asked what makes Crestwood special, students say:

    • “All the people who work in the school.”
    • “Great teachers.”
    • “Good friends.”
    • “Fun activities.”
    • “How nice everyone is.”
    • “Everyone was nice to me on the first day of school.”
    • “We are like a big family.”

Prospective parents, visiting educators, guests and former and present-day Crestwood parents regularly comment on a palpable feeling here. A strong sense of purpose can be felt in all of our classrooms. Our students and teachers are happy. You can see, hear and feel that Crestwood is a positive community of learners.

Crestwood students feel safe and respected. This gives them the confidence to take risks in order to meet the challenges of our programs. They know we will celebrate their successes and offer support and encouragement whenever they need it.