A full range of counselling services is available to Crestwood students. These services form an essential part of the school’s academic mandate. Students are expected to visit their counsellor regularly. Counsellors will visit classrooms to instruct students in areas related to career planning, time management and study skills. Parents may make appointments to discuss their child’s academic performance, subject selection or career choices with the guidance teachers. University and college academic calendars are readily available and important sources of information. University/college officials will be invited to speak to students about post-secondary programs and career opportunities. A considerable effort will be made by this department as well as all other staff to ensure that our students are well prepared to achieve their academic and career goals.

CPC Course Selection 2023-2024 (New Students)

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Guidance Department:

Kathryn Appleby
Head of Guidance
Grade 7-12
416-391-1441 ext. 4329

Christine Somerville
Guidance Counsellor
Grade 7-10
416-391-1441 ext. 4345

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