My wife and I have entrusted the education of our three sons … to you and your competent staff. I would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing sensitivity, honesty, patience and sincerity. Clearly, Crestwood Prep is providing an indelible positive imprint on our sons. Our boys are thriving in a wonderful learning environment that encompasses the latest in 21st-century technology without having forgotten the classic 3Rs of learning.”-the Michael Family

Crestwood College offers a full range of courses at the academic and university preparatory levels that meet and surpass the Ministry of Education guidelines. Organizational keys, study skills, time management and productive work habits are daily emphasized. Student support is available for those who experience difficulty. Extra help, academic advice and guidance and good dispositions on the part of teachers are always mainstays at Crestwood. We also strongly encourage students to get involved in our co-curricular program as a way not only to have fun and develop new associations and skills but also as a way of improving their academic prospects. Students who are involved and enjoying a full high school experience are invariably the ones who succeed in academic matters as well.

The following are some key parameters of teaching and teachers at Crestwood:

  • Enriched Ontario curriculum to enhance learning, student interest, and university prospects.
  • Small class sizes to increase student-teacher interaction and academic success
  • Organizational skills, time management, note taking, computer skills ( laptops optional ) and self-discipline are taught and nurtured
  • Differentiated learning styles and approaches to maximize student success
  • Resource personnel and assistance for all students
  • Test and exam reviews, test-taking skills, exposure to different evaluation methods to allow students reach their potential by utilizing their existing strengths and abilities
  • Stress on literacy, formal essay writing, exposition and persuasion, review and editing
  • Writing Help Centre ( see our MAPP Program ) established to assist in developing strengths in literacy
  • Reach ahead credits for all grades
  • Advanced Placement courses for senior grades
  • Mentoring Programs and meetings
  • Four official reporting periods and regular communication with parent
  • Social excursions to improve student interaction and  field trips to enhance classroom experiences
  • Numerous student leadership initiatives

The Academic Course Calendar is an important source of information and a planning tool designed to assist parents and students understand high school and post-secondary programs and opportunities. It provides information on assessment and evaluation standards at the school, ways we assist in maximizing student potential and strategies used to support children through the various learning processes. Ontario Ministry of Education requirements regarding the granting of secondary school diplomas (OSSD) is also outlined. Finally, you will find a comprehensive list of all the academic courses offered by Crestwood Preparatory College.






Course Selection and Diploma Requirements for New Students

Please note that all current Crestwood students will complete their course selections online using XELLO.