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We are delighted that your search for the right school has brought you to our web-site. Few decisions that you make regarding your child’s future will have such far-reaching effects as the choice of where to attend school.


“We make sure students have many significant moments on their journey through Crestwood. We give children the confidence to go out into the world with assurance and a healthy sense of curiosity. Each teacher is the key. With a well planned program, a positive rapport with each student and a sense of commitment and dedication, our goals are met!”
Dalia Eisen,
Head of the School,
Crestwood School

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Artist of the Month – Clara Ho

  Hi! As you know, I am currently Artist of the Month! But I know what you’re wondering: “Does she trace these drawings?” You would be wrong! All these drawings are done with a reference, and none of them are traced. For as long as I have been an artist, I have never traced any


Burgerball 2023

  CRESTWOOD’S SIXTH ANNUAL CO-ED BASKETBALL EVENT GRADES 4-8  Monday January 23, 2023   Dear Parents, On Monday January 23, 2023, all basketball players from Grades 4 through 8 are invited to attend our fifth Annual Crestwood Co-ed Basketball Event at Crestwood Preparatory College.  Competitors will take an exciting multi-grade exhibition basketball game approximately starting



Please contact Dalia Eisen (Head of School) (416) 444-5858 ext 222 regarding availability.

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