Mission and Objectives

“Crestwood changed my daughter from an apathetic B student to a solid A student who is now an academically and socially engaged young woman. She is excited and confident about her future and the things she will achieve.” —T. Van Andel

The Crestwood Mission:

Provide a secure, customized, total learning environment and community that helps each Crestwood student optimize their current and future academic and personal success as confident, accomplished, well-rounded individuals who can take their place successfully in the world.


  • Help children become excited learners, critical thinkers and problem-solvers
  • Provide a safe, caring, nurturing environment that promotes self-esteem, creative thinking, love of learning and respect for self and others
  • Allow for further opportunity by maximizing university entrance prospects
  • Provide learning opportunities that respond to the different learning styles of our students
  • Recognize and acknowledge the strengths of each and every student
  • Build ability through confidence
  • Teach and counsel young people on positive relationships and the importance of respect for differences of all kinds
  • Help students develop a sense of community and understand the importance of community service and giving back
  • Maintain an extensive co-curricular program to assist in the development of the all-round person
  • Offer a range of activities that are athletic and arts-based
  • Suggest extracurricular activities that offer individual students opportunities to shine, support their interests or open new avenues of inspiration
  • Recommend literature to enhance the individual interests and facilitate a love of reading