Core Values

We believe that:

“You have a tremendous program that has given each of our three children the necessary tools to achieve success in their own way. They now have the confidence to strive for more success across a range of disciplines whether it be in academics, music, sports or drama.” —Scott Northey

  • A quality education develops intellectual, emotional, physical and social skills in order to produce life-long learners who are happy, successful, responsible and contributing members of society
  • A positive attitude towards learning and safe social interaction are essential ingredients for academic accomplishment and healthy personal development
  • We must foster a love of learning and emphasize the importance of doing one’s best
  • Teaching to the individual needs of each child is essential because children learn at different rates and at different levels that have nothing to do with intelligence or prospects
  • All children are special and talented and should be challenged to achieve their maximum potential
  • High expectations produce higher achievement
  • We must help students develop responsibility for their behaviour and academic growth
  • Everyone deserves to be treated with patience, consistency, fairness, dignity and respect
  • Healthy, civil relationships are an important precondition to virtually all meaningful interactions
  • Regular parental support and involvement are essential for success
  • Teachers, students and parents need to be aware of and share realistic goals