“I don’t think there is another school in Toronto that has the unique combination of such strong, dynamic teachers and a close-knit community. You are running a great school. I wouldn’t want my kids to be anywhere else”. – A. Cowie

Surround them with excellence. A school is only as good as its teachers and Crestwood’s excellent reputation is a direct result of its superior staff.

The staff at Crestwood consists of professionals who are committed to enriching the learning experiences of their students. Teachers are carefully selected not only for their academic qualifications and experience, but as importantly, for their dynamic abilities to relate to each individual student in a patient, sensitive and understanding manner.

Our teachers bring a wealth of diverse enthusiasm, experience and knowledge to the classroom every day. They feel passionate about what they do and know how to help their students reach their full potential. They teach, coach, moderate activities, skillfully supervise in formal and informal settings and advise young people always in need of positive and encouraging adult role models. Teaching practices always involve accommodating the different learning styles of each child.