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We invite you to learn how Crestwood Inspires Excellence and Nurtures Individuality.

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“Crestwood’s most important mandate is to provide an environment where students can walk into school every morning and know that they will be respected for who they are and what they bring to the school as individuals. With this mindset, success on all fronts is virtually limitless. The entire Crestwood community is proud to be part of this philosophy. We constantly strive to uphold this promise and give our students the best possible education. ”
Dave Hecock,
Head of School,
Crestwood Preparatory College

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Instrument Sectionals to Kick Off Next Week

  This is a great opportunity for students to come and work with me as well as any other students who play the same instrument. This is great as some students are the only one playing their instrument in their class. This way students in grades 5 and 6 can bond and share tips and


Eco Team Bake Sale

  The Eco Team has had a lot of fun instituting environmental initiatives for our school. This week, students stuck bird silhouettes onto classroom windows in the primary and junior buildings that are close to trees. Glass windows reflect foliage or sky and look like inviting places for birds to fly. These bird silhouettes will



We invite you to learn how Crestwood Inspires Excellence and Nurtures Individuality. Please contact admissions at (416) 391-1441 to book a private tour and see the difference a Crestwood education can make in a child’s learning.

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