Environment Crestwood


Leading up to the Holiday Break our grade two students were learning about the weather in French class. They learned how to read a thermometer by practicing their numbers in French, as well as participate in various games and activities in order to understand how to describe the weather using negative and affirmative sentences. Examples included “Est-ce qu’il fait soleil? Oui, il fait soleil” and “Est-ce qu’il neige? Non, il ne neige pas”.

Students then became meteorologists where they created a script detailing the weather. Since French writing isn’t introduced until grade three, the students created their scripts using pictures. They then used a professional green screen and an app called Do Ink, in order to produce a background of their choice, along with appropriate animations. Filming their reports was a hit and took over two weeks to complete! Please enjoy the following creation from Kimi Zhang in 2A.

Thank you!

-Kyra Gurney