Dear Parents, November has been an extremely busy month; we can’t believe it’s almost December! The sudden change in weather reminded us that we need to make sure to have our snow gear ready to go for snow play. We do enforce that all students playing in the snow must be wearing snow pants

Mmmm!  Les Chefs!

  The grade 5’s were busy baking ‘Grandma’s Biscuits.’  We learned how to measure, mix, and bake, all in French.  We also learned some new vocabulary and listened to some great French music. At the end, we heard a story while we were able to enjoy our biscuits with tea. Mmmm c’est délicieux!!! Linda Liougas

Tall Stable Towers

  Grade 3A has been learning about basic building ideas. We learned that engineers have three secrets when it comes to building towers. Here they are: Firm Base: A tall tower like the CN Tower always has a very large, heavy and strong base that will support the weight of the tower. Distance Around: The

Historical Facts in Gr.4

  Last Friday, November 11th, 4A and 4B had a special guest speaker, Mr. Ron Telpner. Mr. Telpner came to share the story of his late father who served in World War 2. The students had the chance to see some artifacts and memorabilia from his father’s time during the war. Students were engaged in discussion and

SK’s Visit Paris

  The students in SK are learning all about French culture as they have been very busy travelling to French speaking places around the world! They first went to Paris where they learned all about the Eiffel Tower. Did you know the Eiffel Tower is actually brown and is repainted every seven years? The students

Sensing Some Peace in Gr.1

  The Grade 1’s have been exploring the 5 senses. They are learning through real experiences, one sense at a time. They went on a ‘listening hike’ using their hearing sense. Trying to listen for different animal sounds, nature sounds or ‘man-made’ sounds. One child even heard “a spider making his web…” They love exploring their

Dumais’ Drawings in Gr.4

  The grade 4 classes had a virtual visit from the artist Sandra Dumais, illustrator of ‘Farm Crimes’ and ‘Olivia Wrapped in Vines’. The focus of the workshop was all about drawing faces. The children learned how to add expression, age, and use different drawing techniques. The children loved the workshop and created some impressive pieces

Gr.6’s Conquer Kortright!

  On Thursday, October 20, 2022, all the Crestwood Grade 6 students went to the Kortright Centre to learn about biodiversity. We visited a pond habitat, and we caught multiple salamanders, tadpoles, fairy shrimp, and snails. In the forest habitat, we looked for black maple leaves and rolled over dead logs to find more salamanders and


  Dear Parents, As we close out our second month of school, we are so excited by all the events happening around Crestwood. Classes have had so many incredible learning opportunities, between Scientists in the School presentations, field trips, guest speakers and assemblies, on top of their daily classes; Crestwood is buzzing with excitement! Our

Gr.5 Scientists in our School

  The Grade 5 classes continued their exploration of chemical and physical changes by participating in a hands-on experiment led by a professional scientist. It was the first time Crestwood has had an in person “Scientists in the School” presentation in over 2 years, and the experience was unforgettable. Students learned about solubility and chemical

Successful Season for U10 Girls’ Bball

  The U-10 Girls Basketball tournament took place on Monday October 24th, and the team had a tremendous showing. We played a total of 4 games and finished with 2 wins and 2 losses. More importantly, the girls put their Crestwood Values on full display, and were awarded the Sportsmanship award! The banner we received

Children’s Book Bank Donations

  During the Scholastic Book Fair week, we will also be providing the opportunity for families to make room on their shelves for new books.  Please consider sending in your gently used children’s books and we will pass them on to the Children’s Book Bank, which provides free books and literacy support to families in

U10 Soccer Caps Crescent

  The U10 boys played two games last Tuesday against Crescent school and came out victorious in both. The team started off strong and dominated both games. The first game was won by a score of 7-0 and the second 9-3. The team played very well and hope to be successful at their next game

Why does Matter, Matter?

  On Wednesday October 12, the Grade 5’s travelled to the Ontario Science Centre for their first field trip of the year. The students participated in a workshop called “Fun with Chemistry” supporting the Grade 5 science unit, Matter and Energy. In the workshop, students marvelled at the power of chemistry exploring both physical and chemical changes and their