Dear Parents,

As we close out our second month of school, we are so excited by all the events happening around Crestwood. Classes have had so many incredible learning opportunities, between Scientists in the School presentations, field trips, guest speakers and assemblies, on top of their daily classes; Crestwood is buzzing with excitement! Our extra-curricular activities have also been in full force this month. Our fall sports have come to an end, and we want to wish a big congratulations to the girls basketball team, the cross country team and all our soccer teams. We are so proud of your achievements this season. We are looking forward to beginning our winter sports in the coming weeks.

We had outstanding presentations from Paul Davis to the Grades 4-6 students, as well as our parent community. The student presentation focused on online safety, cyberbullying, YouTube and online gaming. Paul provided the students with applicable tips to stay safe such as: respecting the age restrictions for social media websites and online games, never sharing personal information online, and not finding or making friends online. He also equipped students with lots of things to use technology for like coding, robotics, educational games and typing practice. We hope students will take Paul’s advice to use technology and the internet in all the ways it can be extremely beneficial.

The parent presentation provided many useful tips for parents to be more aware of what our children are doing online, and how we can help them stay safe. The number one rule Paul emphasized was removing ALL technology from children’s’ bedrooms. Any technology use should be happening in a high traffic area in the home.

Paul provided 3 simple home tips to follow:

  1. Set out clear rules, guidelines and consequences related to technology
  2. Create a relationship of transparency with your child – let them know they can ALWAYS come to you when they have a problem
  3. Use software technology to assist you in keeping your child safe online

Please use the link below for access to Paul’s resources and additional information as promised in the parent session:

Our Skip It for Neema initiative has been very successful. Students have been skipping their allowance, movies, Starbucks trips, pizza dinners and more to help Ericki Gryson have a great school year! We have raised almost $1000 thus far. Our goal is to reach $2000, which will be enough money to support Ericki for his entire school year, including his boarding costs at the orphanage. We will continue collecting leaves and donations until Friday, November 4th. Please talk with your child about what they might be able to skip this week!

As the days are becoming cooler, we ask that students come to school with weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play (hats, jackets, gloves, or mitts).  Please make sure that all clothing items sent to school have your child’s name in it so that lost items can be returned to the rightful owners.

We wanted to provide a quick update about uniform policy. Primary students are welcome to wear the blue polo shirts with the grey pants or tunic. The girls can wear blue tights or knee-high socks.  Black shoes are worn with the pants and tunic, and sneakers are worn with the gym uniform. Junior students are welcome to wear the Crestwood blue polo shirts or button-down shirts and ties with grey uniform pants or skirts. On special occasions we will request for students to wear their full-dress uniform which requires the button-down shirt, tie, and sweater. Our next full dress uniform day will be on November 11th for Remembrance Day.

We are really looking forward to Monday’s Halloween celebrations that the teachers have arranged for the students. Thank you to Mr. Cooper and the House Heads for organizing the haunted house and many Halloween themed activities. Stay tuned for updates and pictures of the impressive door decorations our classes have been creating.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy weekend and we will see you on Halloween Monday!