Van Tine, Joshua

Major Joshua Van Tine is a currently serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  He hails from Burns Lake, B.C., where he remembers that an outdoors lifestyle where he was a scout and a Sea Cadet led him to the CAF.  He has been involved in numerous deployments, including in Afghanistan as part of ISAF.  His task there was infrastructure development, and as such he saw many sides of Afghanistan, and experienced the difficult realities that so many Canadian and Allied soldiers faced.  Major Van Tine’s time in the CAF has also seen him deployed to the Arctic on a number of occasions, both in Canada and Greenland.  This has become a critical region for Canada, in view of competing sovereignty claims and a changing climate.  Major Van Tine took some time away from his studies at the Canadian Forces College to speak over zoom to Mr. Major’s World Issues 12 class in April 2022.