Sutherland, Jocelyne

Jocelyne – or Jessie – Sutherland is a member of the Fort Albany First Nation and a survivor of the 60s Scoop and St. Anne’s Residential School.  Like so many indigenous children of her generation, her life was disrupted, along with her sense of family.  Jessie shared with the students the history and culture of the people of the Fort Albany community, as well as present day issues.  These ranged from her observations of life in the Far North, such as the economic realities of the cost-of-living, to the recent apology of Pope Francis – and of the limitations of that apology for a front-line worker like Jessie.  Jessie is currently a social worker, working especially with young people dealing with intergenerational trauma and all of the associated consequences.  Much of her work is rooted in traditional in digenous wisdom and knowledge, and Crestwood students were fortunate to hear her explanation of the Medicine Wheel and its multiple meanings, and to hear on take on reconciliation and the many forms it can and should take.  Jessie Sutherland spoke to Ms. Williams’ Social Justice and Equity class via zoom in April 2022.