Diltz, Charles

Charles Diltz was born July 28, 1927 in Lindsay, Ontario.  His family relocated to Bronte, and as a teenager Charles attended the University of Toronto Schools.  Charles grew up against the backdrop of the war and he remembers well the rationing and the propaganda that accompanied Canada’s declaration.  When the time came, Charles went into the Royal Canadian Artillery Corps, where he was trained as a signalman.  His training took place at several camps, notably Borden, Newmarket and Gravenhurst.  Given his young age, Charles’ stint in the military began when he was 17 (in 1944), but mostly it happened in 1945, when it was clear the war was coming to an end.  He consequently was not shipped overseas and was discharged in short order.  His time in the army at an end, Charles returned to and completed high school, and as a young 19-year-old with his life ahead of him, he fell into the rhythms of postwar Canadian life.  Charles Diltz was interviewed at the Sunnybrook Veterans’ Wing in Toronto in June 2022, as part of Crestwood’s first in person visit in more than two years.