Smoyer, Nancy

Nancy Smoyer is from Princeton, New Jersey, where she grew up against the backdrop of the 50s and 60s United States.  Coming out of college, Nancy yearned to travel the world, and after a year spent abroad in France – where she witnessed protests about Vietnam – Nancy decided to learn more about the issue for herself.  In the course of doing this she found out about a Red Cross program to aid soldiers serving in Vietnam, the famous Donut Dollies.  This was a program where civilian Red Cross workers would go to Vietnam in an effort to boost the troops’ morale, playing games, visiting and just talking to the men.  Nancy shares her memories of daily life in Vietnam, as well as her personal realizations and changing attitudes towards the war and politics. Upon her return to the United States, Nancy worked with veterans and continues to be active in causes related to the Donut Dollies and the Red Cross. She has returned to Vietnam on several occasions, as she continues her healing journey about what war meant to her and America. Nancy Smoyer and Vietnam veteran Christopher Moore were interviewed via zoom by Mr. Hawkins’ American History class in May 2022.