Accident Awareness Presented by the PA

This Tuesday, the Crestwood Parents’ Association will be sponsoring the Accident Awareness presentation.

Accident Awareness Inc is a Not for Profit Corporation. Founded in 2002 it is devoted to the prevention of motor vehicle collisions through education. Our presenters are fully qualified collision experts and each of our presentations are geared to the type of audience we are trying to reach. Our vision statement says it all clearly: Accident Awareness Inc. is committed to educating the public to the dreadful realities of fatal motor vehicle collisions, how quickly they can occur and the grim aftermath that always accompanies these tragedies.

We continually strive to meet this objective through innovative crash displays, digital presentations, videos, and large exhibition shows. Our slogan, “Survive the day”, reinforces our vision statement. Our school programs are completely free to all schools attending. These Elementary, High School and Senior Presentations are completely free.

Parents are welcome to preview the organization by visiting the following website:
Parents are also welcome to join the presentation which will begin at 10:35am on Tuesday, October 23rd in the gymnasium.