Veep Beep


Three months into the school year and our new drop off and pick up routine seems to be running smoothly. The majority of parents and guardians are to be commended for diligently following the school’s procedures and showing courtesy and patience, particularly during the busy pick-up times. 

Zone 2 Drop off in AM

The drop-off area is for stopping to let the children out of the car only. The driver should never get out of the car.  When pulling up at the drop-off area, please drive as far ahead as possible to allow cars behind you to pull up as well (even if there is seemingly no one behind you at the time of arrival).

Zone 2 Pick Up in PM

Arriving at the correct time remains of utmost importance to maintain a short line-up and the steady flow of cars. Teachers turn on their class walkie-talkie 15 minutes before the scheduled student pick-up time. Therefore joining the line earlier than this time will simply cause extra traffic and a delay for all.  We understand that some parents may arrive a little early and remain in the Glendon parking lot until it is close to their time slot. Please ensure that when joining the line, you do so safely and respectfully. If you are already in the line please use the correct etiquette for those trying to merge.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

-Kevin Greenacre