Varsity Swim Team competes at Championships

On Feb. 14 our Varsity Swim Team participated in CISAA Championships at Etobicoke Olympium against 18 other strong teams.

Kristen Gallagher, Maxime Bernier, Ryan O’Driscoll, Rohan Kensra, and Clinton Lau set a new record as they’ve dropped an eye popping 4 seconds from their previous personal times.

Jasmine Ford braved through a cold and swam her personal best, while Nick Bloemen, Mark Leonard, Kendra Casey, Melanie Wasser, Brooke Werger, and Hailey Friedrichsen swam their personal best in the most competitive heat in their respectable stoke events.

The team thanks our timers, Alexis Winfield and Thalia Rassias – the meets wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without you two. Also, a big cheer to our graduating swimmers, Mark Leonard and Rohan Kensra – we will miss you next season! An extra shoutout goes to Clinton Lau who will be going to OFSAA!