Parent and Staff Social at Spacco – A Message from Headmaster Pagano

Another Big Hit for the PA!

“Spacco” was the site of much fun and merriment last night. About two hundred members of the The Crestwood Preparatory College community once again enjoyed an evening of “friend raising”, brought to us by the ever talented, dedicated and versatile members of our Parents’ Association. Only one day after the bake sale of all bake sales, PA organizers were once again busy bringing the community together as well as raising funds for a variety of equipment and experiences for our kids.
Along with the usual wining and dining, typical of these affairs, participants could also play a game of pool, watch the Leaf game or chat it up with friends. It was  the “hippest” group yet assembled at one of these affairs, although lessons in pool would be a welcome addition to proceedings next year. Raffles and prizes added excitement and suspense to the evening. The ladies in the PA made sure everyone had a good time. The laughter and camaraderie made it a special event all around. I sat at a table looking out onto the floor for a few minutes and was very proud to see our parents come together like this. It is the kind of spirit that is invariably passed down to the kids. There must have been some very tall billiard stories at breakfast this morning. Great fun all around, and lasting memories to go with it.
The PA continues its remarkable work. The members are an enthusiastic group of people dedicated to enriching the lives of everyone at the school. The excellent support they have been receiving for their initiatives is wonderful. Last night was a big hit. Thanks to all who attended. Supporting the PA enriches our school community in many important respects. Please continue to involve yourself in the PA projects throughout the year. I know your kids themselves must take pride in your participation.
From all of us to the PA… thank you very much for “Spacco” and everything else you do for us. We would be a less inspired bunch without you.
Vince Pagano