Shafai, Roshan

Roshan Shafai was born in Tehran, Iran, on September 21 1964. She was the daughter of Habib Shafai and Noshin Shafai, who in the next 2 years would have 2 sons, making her the eldest child and the only daughter in the family. Her father worked with the Shah’s government and her mother stayed at home, as was the norm in Iran. She was educated to a high school level in Iran before the revolution began. She was an active member, even to the point of being arrested. After the fall of the Shah’s government her family stayed in Iran for a time before fleeing into neighboring Turkey. They then moved to the US and began a life, with Roshan entering Purdue University where she received a Bachelors Degree along with a Masters in Bio Chemistry. She also met Arash Sarshar, whom she married a year later. The couple then moved to Toronto Canada where they attended UFT. After getting a medical degree she began to build a life there with her husband. She is currently 50 years old and living in Toronto. She sat down in 2015, with her son Navid Sharshar to share her story.