Magan, Aaron

Col. Aaron Magan joined the American Army in 1991, following his undergraduate ROTC at Western Kentucky University.  He went into the Army Corps of Engineers and soon found himself rising through the ranks.  He attended a series of schools and courses in the American military, all the while furthering his training.  They included: the Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia; the Engineer Officer Basic Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; the Air Assault School at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma; and the Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia.  He was also deployed multiple times during his career: in the 1990s he spent time in Korea, Germany, and Bosnia, broadening his perspective on world affairs and getting a crash course in day-to-day military affairs.  9/11 would mark a sea change for Col. Magan and the rest of the American military, and in short order he was deployed in multiple locations in the Middle East, including several tours in Iraq as well as Afghanistan and Syria.  Along the way he served alongside military officers from many nations and in multiple alliances, including the Canadians with whom he is studying at the Canadian Forces College this year.

Col. Magan visited Crestwood in April 2019, when he shared his thoughts with Mr. masters’ Politics class.