Guidance News (Nov. 21)

➤ After completing and reviewing your OUAC application – make sure to submit payment!
➤ When you successfully submit your application, you will receive an OUAC Reference Number (2020-xxxxxx)
➤ Keep this number; you will need to refer to it whenever you contact the OUAC or the universities
➤ The universities will acknowledge that they received your application and provide you with a list of the specific supporting documents they require to make an admission decision
➤ Expect to receive either an offer of admission or a refusal from the universities you applied to by the end of May
➤ Respond to offers of admission on your OUAC application by the deadline date the university included in the offer details

➤ January 15, 2020: Deadline to submit your completed application to the OUAC
➤ February 4, 2020: Recommended last date to make changes to your application
➤ May 27, 2020: Latest date you can expect a response to your application for admission
➤ June 1, 2020: The earliest date you may be required to respond to an Ontario university offer of admission and give a financial commitment (e.g., registration deposit, residence deposit, etc.)

➤ Those students interested in completing an out-of-province application are encouraged to do so directly on each university’s website:
➤ McGill (
➤ UBC (
➤ Dalhousie (
➤ St. Francis Xavier (

If you have any questions or concerns – please do not hesitate to stop by the Guidance office!