Faye Kieffer – Holocaust Survivor

Today Crestwood was visited by Faye Kieffer who spoke to our Grade 8 class about her experiences during the Holocaust. The grade 8 class has been studying The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and discussing the notion of the “hidden child.” Faye is a hidden child survivor.  Her emotional story is likely to remain with the students for their entire lives.

Faye Kieffer was born in Binyacorna, Poland in 1928. When the war broke out, Faye and her family were quickly moved to Ghettos. Her mother and siblings were taken away to Auschwitz. Faye decided to run and went to a Gentile’s house who let her hide in the attic of their farm house . From there, she was with the partisans for 8 months before being liberated . After that she moved away from Poland to Russia and later emigrated to Canada in 1948.

We are thankful for her time and sharing her courageous story with us.

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