CPC Spirit Week 2021

Although this may not have been a typical spirit week for Crestwood we didn’t let a pandemic keep us down.  This was an amazing week filled with theme days, virtual challenges and in person challenges.
We kicked off the Monday of Spirit Week in our PJs and eating Krispy Kreme donuts.  With $250 in proceeds from donuts sales we were able to purchase more supplies for the Hygiene Kits we are putting together for the Good Shepherd Homeless Shelter.
Tuesday students wore their favorite Jerseys to school.  We had sports jerseys from basketball to baseball to rugby to soccer, and we even had a Irish Hurlers jersey!!  Tuesday also kicked off our virtual challenges including Day 1 of the Masked Singer and our Sports Trick Challenge.  Jack Van Volsen took home the prize for his phenomenal hockey trick shot.  At lunch we held a soccer target challenge.  Participants earned points for hitting targets pinned on various locations of the goal posts.  Daniel Dewali took home first place in this challenge.
Wednesday students could dress in either dye-tie or camouflage wear and we held a instagram poll for which outfit was worn best.  Tie-dye came out on top with 63% of the votes.  Day 2 of the Masked Singer saw 1 participant get voted out of the competition while 9 participants moved on to the next round.  At lunch students participated in a longest punt challenge.  Jaivan Nei was our grade 7 winner and Daniel Dewale won his second straight title for the grade 8’s.  Anthony Cristoforo and Chantelle Stuart had the longest punt for the Grade 9’s, and Adam Pearlman won for the Grade 10’s.
Thursday was beach day, and the board shorts, flowered shirts, and sarongs were out in full force!  Day 3 of the Masked Singer saw three more contestants voted out, and everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the season finale on Friday.  At lunch the golfers showed up to the back field for our longest drive competition.  We had some impressive drives, including Mr. Hecock’s shot that ended up on the roof of the school.  Grade 7 Aliza Pollack and Grade 8 Jaiden Newton were the winners over Junior Lunch, and Grade 9 Justin Posen and Grade 10 Jase Todd won during Senior lunch.
Friday was the wrap up to Spirit Week and each grade proudly represented their class in a designated colour.  The Grade 7’s wearing red had the greatest number of students participate, followed by the Grade 10’s that were in White.  But the best outfit of the day had to go out to Mr. Rawlins who represented the teachers by wearing every shade of green in one outfit!  Our Tik Tok challenge saw 5 groups battle it out but it was the “2:00 Crew” that won with the greatest number of votes.  At lunch we had an archery balloon challenge that saw Brendan Barton winning for the Grade 7s, and Rojean Henareh winning for the Grade 8’s.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate for our Tug-of-War competition but we have postponed it till the next good weather day.   To cap off the day the winner of The Masked Singer was revealed….. the honour of being named Crestwood’s first ever winner of the Masked Singer went to “The Goalie” who was later revealed to be Grade 10 student Daniel McVeigh.  Thank you to all the masked singers including; Kaitlyn Tran “Elsa”, William Kirwan “Wayne’s World”, Arian Meh “The Mad Hatter”, Aries Wang “The Sky”,  Mr. Mariano “Lucha Libre, Ruby Bloom “Snoopy”, “Ms. Kelly “The Mad Catter”, and Jayden Connors “The Cow”,  The show would not have been possible without our hosts Adam Pearlman and Gregory Angelakos, and our judges Mrs. Pagano, Ms. Reinsma, Sam Hibbert, Yael Haas and Ewan McChesney.  But a huge thanks to the mastermind behind the production Mr. Herbert.
Thank you to everyone for an amazing Spirit Week, please check out the pictures to see all the action from this week.
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