A Word from CPC’s Coach Ro Russell

Greetings Crestwood Community:
I’m writing this opening message to you all regarding racism, discrimination, police brutality and Crestwood.  Being a black man and basketball coach I have to, like all other black people,  experience racism, discrimination, police brutality almost everyday our my life. Our race has had to deal with this elephant in the room, that has become a dinosaur, for over hundreds of years now.
One glimmer of hope has been my experience at Crestwood.  From the day I met Mr. Pagano, his faculty and staff,  I felt welcomed and I felt like an equal. Since then I have had numerous young black student- athletes attend Crestwood and they have been fully accepted in the Crestwood family with open arms.  Mr. Pagano and Crestwood have been a supportive allies of diversity, anti-discrimination and anti-racism for us all.  So far in my four years at the Crestwood I haven’t really experienced any racism, discrimination, or prejudices towards myself or our black students. The values, rules policies and environment at Crestwood has been one of positiveness, growth and equality.
As we work together to fully eradicate racism, discrimination, and inequality, let’s always remember we are created equal.
Coach Ro Russell