A Message From Your Student Council

Welcome back Crestwood! This year we have brought together a remarkable group of students to form the 2013-2014 school year student council. As our co-presidents for the year we have Duncan Gilfillan (14) and Jonathan Krupski (14). The senior communication director will be myself, Shelby Feigen (14), while the junior communication director is Jarryd Firestone (16). Next are the superb treasurers, Kendra Casey & Alexis Winfield. And lastly, we have our executives in training, Jasmine Katz (15) and Steph Erdman (15). We have various events and fun activities planned for the school year and we are very eager to create an amazing school experience for each and every student. We will be open to ideas from students as well parents through out the year on any additions you feel that Crestwood may benefit from. We hope to grow closer as a school and community by making this the best school year yet to come.