Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

For the past few weeks, Grade 10 Careers students have been participating in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, otherwise known as YPI. Students chose and visited the Grassroot charity of their choice. YPI grants a chosen charity $5000 in order to increase awareness of social issues for youth. After classes of preparation, these PowerPoints were presented in front of the class. In each of the three classes, a top group was chosen according to the highest mark. On Thursday, April 24th, these students presented their findings in front of the entire school. The charities represented were The Olive Branch of Hope, St. Francis’ Table, and Camp Awakening. Each group produced a ten-minute presentation outlining the details of their charity, and why it would benefit from the $5000 grant. After three presentations, and minutes of deliberation, the panel of judges (made up of students, staff, and YPI representatives) awarded the grant to Camp Awakening, a camp for children with physical disabilities. Students from various schools have chosen Camp Awakening over fifty times, however, this was the first time that they had a successful result. The goal of YPI is to engage youth in the local community, and spread awareness of social issues. YPI programs are run throughout North America, and Great Britain. To learn more about the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, go to:

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