Winter Festival of the Arts

“Undeniable talent from the art students”, “creative and touching drama performances”, “catchy and beautiful music displayed by both the bands and the Crestwood Voices”, and “amazing poetry recitations” are all responses heard after the Crestwood Winter Festival of the Arts.

This Thursday, December 11th, the Crestwood community hosted our Winter Festival of the Arts. Students and teachers from Visual Art, Music, Drama, Technology, and English classes created an amazing program to showcase their many talents.  The evening was unlike any event held at Crestwood before; guests were invited to visit various spaces around the school to either participate in a painting session, interact with various technology activities, listen to the bands and poetry, and watch various drama performances. The only complaint heard was that it was nearly impossible to see everything in one night! The good news is that you will have another opportunity to experience and witness the talents of Crestwood’s students again in the spring for the Spring Festival. Stay tuned!