We Made It To The Finish!

The track and field season ended this week for both the Grade 3 team and the Juniors. The Grade 3’s celebrated by participating in a friendly meet at Crescent School. Our grade 3 students exhibited great fun and skills against other private schools during the sunny, afternoon meet. The Junior students competed in the CIS Finals at Birchmount Stadium. Despite the rain, fog, and chilly conditions our athletes maintained a positive attitude and enjoyed all of the track and field events. Thank you to all athletes for a wonderful season! All of our coaches’ hope that you will continue to run, move, and stretch over the summer months! Stay active Crestwood Track Team and challenge your friends to meet you at the finish too. A special thank you to all the parents for their food and drink contributions, and for their warm cheers throughout the chilly competition.

-Crestwood Track & Field Coaches