Message From The Head of Upper School

vince 2012

Teachers make the difference in any successful educational environment. While subject materials and content are indispensable parts of any “lesson”, the ability and willingness of students to trust and embrace the process, and, more importantly, the person guiding them through it, is the most essential component and the major reason for the smiles, confidence and optimism that accompany any learning experience. So teachers need to be diligent, knowledgeable, and well prepared. But they also need to be passionate, nurturing, inviting, patient and always hopeful. Add to this a forgiving nature and a good sense of humor, and we have a teacher that would be an excellent fit at Crestwood Preparatory College. These people and attitudes, then, more than anything or anyone else, represent the wonderful success at this school.

On a more specific level, Crestwood Preparatory College educates young men and women to develop their potential to the fullest, grasp opportunity, develop positive personal relationships, respect the good people around them who are only interested in their welfare and success, become community aware and effective citizens, and then continue to exercise these attributes as they go into adulthood and assume professional careers and vocations. More than anything else (besides excellent teachers and adult role models), a young person must be confident in his or her ability and prospects during this journey. And so… our most important mandate is to provide an environment where students can walk into school every morning and know that it’s going to be a good day. With this mindset, with this anticipation, success on all fronts is virtually limitless. Crestwood College and its teachers are proud to be part of this promise.

Vince Pagano
Head of School,
Crestwood Preparatory College