Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

Crestwood Preparatory College is proud to offer all students the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award Program. Founded in 1956 by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the program challenges young people between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five years of age to reach for their best. Introduced to Canada in 1963, the Award currently attracts over 30,000 participants annually and is operational in all 10 Provinces and 3 Territories.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award offers the participant the opportunity to set goals and achieve results in a fun and challenging way. The program is non-competitive. Students who participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program share a commitment beyond academic excellence. They share a commitment to personal development and responsibility through service, adventure, skill development and physical well-being.

At Crestwood, all grade 9 students will be encouraged and supported to complete their Bronze level throughout the school year. An awards ceremony will be planned for the spring to celebrate the success of all who have completed the Bronze requirements. In order to help students get started on this achievement, all grade 9’s will participate in an orientation trip that fulfills their Adventurous Journey requirement at the Bronze level. There will be two teacher sponsors designated for this program for the upcoming school year to support/encourage all high school students to fulfill the remaining requirements for Service, Skills, and Physical Recreation.

We are excited to be offering this personal development opportunity to our students within the Crestwood school year, and look forward to formally recognizing the successful accomplishments of students at the spring awards ceremony. This is a wonderful opportunity for Crestwood students to demonstrate and achieve leadership and success in a well-recognized, international program. It is an outstanding asset to have on one’s resume and University application. It will set a student apart!