Community Service



“…it is your world and your future that are at stake. By volunteering, young people can take an active part in working towards a sustainable future.” – David Suzuki

To be eligible to graduate, all secondary school students in Ontario are required to involve themselves in a minimum of 40 hours of community service work. Students are not given monetary compensation for their volunteer activities; rather, this time provides students with the opportunity to develop themselves as well-rounded individuals who actively contribute to the places where they work and play. These opportunities allow students to make new friends, gain self confidence, network and explore prospective career options, and discover their strengths and talents, all while servicing the needs of their community. Committing their time and effort to an organization or a cause they feel strongly about provides students with a deep sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and pride. One person can make a difference!

Acceptable activities may range from shoveling an elderly neighbour’s driveway, to tutoring a younger student, or helping to organize local community events. Students may even volunteer his or her time at a local animal shelter, assist with literacy initiatives at the Toronto Public Library, or help in coaching a sports team at school.

Volunteerism is fun! Get involved today and start earning your way to 4o hours and more!