U9 Soccer Champions

At the Grade 3 soccer tournament on Friday, the U9 soccer team celebrated a first place victory, bringing home the trophy for Crestwood School. Throughout the day, our team just kept getting better, defeating Crescent with a score of 2-1, Bayview Glen 4-1, and finally Sterling Hall 5-0. Our three wins at the tournament were the perfect way to round out our undefeated season. Jaden, Willem, Keiran, Jievan and Evan led our defensive line, while Alex, Cameron, Albert helped the team’s winning offence throughout the season. Jack was our primary goalie, helping Crestwood to win by making it so hard for the other teams to score. The team’s top three scorers, Declan, Molly and Beckett, all played with impressive skill and helped lead the team to victory. Special mention to our team’s MVP, Molly Hektor. As the only girl on the team, Molly’s hard work, teamwork, and tenacious drive made her a force to be reckoned with on the soccer field.

Your coach, Ms. Klein, is very proud of the whole team. Thanks for a wonderful season!