U12 Hockey Slip by Sterling  

The U12 Co-Ed Hockey had an exciting start to their season yesterday in front of a fan filled York Mills Arena. Crestwood and Sterling have had many epic puck contests in the past few years and yesterday was no different. The home side took the lead early and quickly added two more to build a comfortable 3-0 advantage in the second period. SHS struck back for four straight goals and had our players back on their heels midway through the last period. Grade 6 forward William DiIulio finally turned the tide as he slipped one past the Sharks goalie to tie the game at 4. With the momentum behind us we proceeded to fire home two more quick goals to finish our finned foes and post our first victory of the 2017/18-hockey season. Congrats to all members of the team. We are back in action on the first Friday back to school after the holiday break as we travel to the UCC Early Bird tournament.

-Coach Connors