U10 Soccer Secures Title

On Saturday October 27th, the U-10 soccer team participated in our final tournament at Crescent School. Despite the rain and cold weather the team was ready to go!

Our first game was against CDS. We quickly took the lead with an amazing goal from George. Soon after, both Mahdi and Mikhail scored goals for Crestwood. Luckily, we were able to hold onto our lead and won our first game 3-1.

Our second game was against Crescent School. Unfortunately, Crescent scored the first goal; however, we were able to quickly come back with a beautiful goal from Sebastian. We had a great second half with Ben scoring 3 goals for Crestwood. Additionally, Harrison scored his first goal of the season! The whole team made sure to help out on defence, and we were able to finish the game off with a win. The final score was 5-3.

The final game was against The York School. We knew this was going to be our toughest battle yet, as they had also won their first two games. In the first half, Mikhail, Nathan, and Ben scored amazing goals for Crestwood. We were going into the second half with a score of 3-1. We knew it was important to keep our lead, as The York School was fighting back hard. In the second half, we had goals from Ben and Graeme. We also had two goals from George. With everyone playing a part in this tough battle, we won our final game 7-4!!

The Crestwood U-10 soccer team are officially your tournament champions! We are so proud of the whole team. We had such an incredible season!  We learned how to work together as a team, and that made us come out on top. Both Coach Offman and Coach Hebscher could not be more proud. Congratulations to the U-10 soccer team!

-Coaches Hailey Offman & Carly Hebscher