U10 Soccer Rolls into Finals

Mrs. Rothblott and Ms. Kim are very pleased with the magnificent game played by our U10 soccer team on Monday.  They soundly defeated Montcrest School.  Goals were scored by Adam Pearlman, Molly Hektor, Tamara Nabulsi, Ben Shields, and Kieran Tapajna.  Fabulous assists were created by Adam Pearlman, Molly Hektor, Dylan Wilkinson, Jordan Fischtein, and Myles Abitbol.

Amazing team efforts have made the U10 soccer squad stronger.  As well, great sportsmanship by Luke Evans as he sacrificed his own playing time for a fellow teammate.

Mrs. Rothblott and Ms. Kim are the proudest coaches ever for all your hard work and the love of the game!!!!”

On Tuesday the U10 soccer team played another superb game.  It was a very close game but our U10 soccer team won 5-4 versus The York School!!!  Adam baked up some wonderful strikes while Luke and the rest of the team set the table.  Kieran also marked a magnificent goal with amazing assists by Molly, Adam, and Dylan but unfortunately they could not count it.  It was a great goal as everyone on the team touched the ball prior to the finish. If that isn’t teamwork, then we don’t know what is!!!!  We have one more practice before our big finals on Saturday at Crescent School. Keep up the excellent work!!!

-Coach Rothblott and Coach Kim