Track Takes Off!

It was an excellent day for Crestwood’s Track and Field team yesterday. The team participated in 50m sprint, 200m dash, hurdles, javelin, high jump, long jump, and more. Congratulations to all the runners at yesterday’s meet, as they truly did their best. The U10 relay team came 2nd place. Congratulations to Grade 4 students, Aidan Tatuch, Jayin Vohra, Ben Perenbroom, and Daniel Hayeems. Give those students a round of applause. In the U11, we had a mix of U10s and 11s. They came last unfortunately but amazingly faced all U12 runners! It wasn’t very fair, but the U10 and 11 runners did just as well with Oliver starting the relay and Max ending it. Remember, first isn’t the goal. The goal is to have fun, participate and compete. Congratulate Gr 4 students, Oliver and Max Turnbull, and Gr 5 students, Noah Kassam and Tyler Elwood! In the U12 race, there was another mix! They tied first, with Kamni starting the relay and Christopher ending it! The final congrats are to Gr 6 students, Kamni Akodi, Coen Rocha and Ben Aspden, and in grade 5, to Christopher Bar. Another round of applause! In the other races and activities, everyone did a superb job. But also big thanks to Coaches Fuller, Brenzel, Kanfi, and Davies who helped because we could not have done it without you.

-Gr.5 student Christopher Bar