Tips on the 4 Classes a Day Schedule

With the switch from the 2 courses per day to the in person 4 courses per day schedule, we understand that there will be some needed adjustments that students, teachers and parents will need to make. Here are some additional items that we have begun to discuss here at the school and some answers to questions that you may have. 

What should we expect with regards to homework? 

With the change to 4 courses per day and the reduced time until the next class, students will need to adjust their patterns of doing homework. Students and parents will need to create a schedule to either complete it that evening or the next evening as they have class every other day.  Students will still have an opportunity to begin the assigned work in class. In grades 7 & 8 on average, they should expect 60-75 minutes of homework nightly.  This will increase as the students get older and in grades 9 -12  with approximately 90 -120 minutes of homework.  

When we return, how do I carry all of my books and coat around with 4 classes?

Students will need to make better use of their lockers. When they arrive in the morning they need to put all jackets, boots, lunch etc in their lockers. Students will pack their bags for their morning classes only and then return at lunch for their afternoon class materials/binders. Students will not have time to go to their lockers between classes and need to have the materials they need with them for their class.

When we return, what happens when I have Physical & Health Education?

Students need to be in school uniform for all of their other classes on days they have Physical and Health Education.  Students will be provided time to change into their PE clothes at the start of class and back into their school uniforms at the end of class.  Students are encouraged to put their school uniform in their bag in the changeroom so it does not get mixed up with another student. If a student has PE 1st period of the day they can arrive in their PE uniform but need to ensure they bring their school uniform to change into.  If they have PE last period of the day they may leave school in their PE uniform.  The change rooms will be emptied out each day with all items being placed in the lost and found. 

Will there still be a “break” after announcements?

The break in the morning was introduced to provide a break during the double periods of the same class that last 2.5 hours.  With 4 different courses per day, students will be moving throughout the building and will have a natural break between classes.  With this change, classes will not be going outside for a break after the morning announcements.