The YPI Project

This past Monday, three groups from the Grade 10 Careers class competed in the YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) Finals to win $5000 for a charity they have researched. Since March Break, all Careers students have had the opportunity to go out into the community and research a local commune based charity that supports a social issue. All groups presented in their classes and three were selected by their teachers to compete for the $5000 grant. This year’s winners were Yael Haas, Anjali Juneja, and Peter Hull representing the Sojourn House. This charity supports refugees in Toronto.

This has been a great opportunity for students to learn about different philanthropic initiatives and get out in the community to support local charities. Congratulations to all participants on your hard work and support of your charities!

“YPI is a Philanthropy Initiative project which gives students the opportunity to play a direct role in making our community better by winning a grant for a local charity/organization of our choice. We got to pick a topic that we were interested in learning more about and supporting.

As a group we chose the Sojourn House which gives shelter, safety, support, supplies to refugees coming in to the Toronto area. We saw this as a opportunity to give support to this important cause. When we visited the Sojourn House we made personal connections to the residents and learnt how big of a impact the Sojourn House has on people’s lives. We believe that this project was the start of something big for us and we are very grateful for this experience.”

– Yael Haas (’21), 2019 YPI Grant Recipient