The Our Town Project

Early on Tuesday morning, Crestwood welcomed The Our Town Project to the cafeteria. Grade 9 English students studied Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” towards the beginning of the year, and had the opportunity to see the play come to life right here in the school.

The play tells the story of the citizens of Grovers Corners, examining life, love and death. Without a single set piece (beyond our simple cafeteria chairs) and no props, the actors brought the small rural town to life, just as Wilder had intended. A brief Q+A period followed the performance and allowed students and teachers to ask questions about the rehearsal process and just why this play is so special.

The project allowed Crestwood students to experience the play in a way that allowed its insights to become more poignant, its wisdom more clear and its resonance everlasting. The English department would like to thank this group of young actors for bringing the show to our school, and we look forward to more performances in the future.