The Green Team’s “No-Idling” Initiative

At Crestwood, the Green Team is committed to helping the environment. One of our biggest initiatives is our “no-idling” campaign. We are asking all parents to shut-off their car engine while they are dropping their kids off in the morning and waiting in the parking lot to pick them up. Green team members are working hard to keep this initiative going. However, some think that idling is not a big deal. That is not true. It produces more emissions per minute than driving. Exhaust fumes contain many hazardous pollutants that are dangerous to you and your children’s health. Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it. These are just some of the concerns we have. So please, the next time you are at Crestwood, shut-off your vehicle while you are waiting. If you would like to learn more about idling and some helpful tips, don’t hesitate to visit the Dad’s Against Dirty Air website at

Thank you.

The Jr. Green Team