The Grade 11 Biology Trip

Our grade 11 biology students recently spent a week at the Huntsman Marine Science Center in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. The research facility, located at the mouth of Fundy Bay, is the perfect place to study incredibly diverse ecosystems that thrive among the highest and most powerful tides in the world. Here, our young biologists explored the many marine life forms on the beach and deep ocean floor, investigated the characteristics and behaviours of these organisms, and presented their findings to their peers, teachers, and Huntsman staff. Students learned first-hand that sea stars can hold twice their body weight, barnacles are “hungriest” at 15°C, and that most “baby” invertebrates look like something out of science fiction, just to name a few. We hope that everyone left with a greater awareness of the diversity in our Canadian waters, a sense of stewardship towards the environment, and a lasting curiosity for the sciences.