The Gr2’s Elusive Lirpaloof Bird Search

The Lirpaloof Bird only migrates to our area at the beginning of April. It is an extremely elusive bird, which means that it is very, very hard to find and will usually stay up high in the trees until it is time to find food. The Lirpaloof loves to eat seeds, small insects, and carrots. It has bright orange feathers and wings. Lirpaloofs have yellow bodies with a light green chest. One of their true signatures and most beautiful features is that Lirpaloofs has four dark purple feathers on their crown. All Grade 2 classes participated in calling out ‘Lirpaloof’ near the trees to see if they would be fortunate enough to see one. They were told that it might take a while and that they had to be patient. They could not call out too loudly as the Lirpaloof Bird is easily frightened. They enthusiastically continued searching in the tall trees during their recess by calling out to see if they could find one. Unfortunately, they have not yet seen a glimpse of this beautiful, rare bird. What an interesting name this bird has?
Angela Ingram, Lucy Mandel & Nicole Robinson