The Future Design Project

This past week at Crestwood all the grade 8 students participated in the Future Design Program.  Here the students learned the art of innovation, determination and design.  The students were given the question of “How might we help Crestwood students get to and from  school efficiently, safely and on time”.  The students excitedly began working on a solution and many came up with amazing apps and prototypes to how they will deal with this problem.  All week each group collaborated and determined the best way to deal with the issue at hand. Future Design gave the students a new way of thinking and of designing together as a group.  While all the groups came up with some very amazing ideas the final winners were Kian Torabi Ardakani, Danny Domanski and Jason Chen who came up with a new and better system to improve parking and drop off at Crestwood both in the morning and after school.  A big congrats to all grade 8’s for participating and especially to the winning group.   Crestwood looks forward to many more Future Design Projects in the future.