The Fourth Little Pig and the Big Bad Blow Dryer!

You all know the story of the Three Little Pigs, right?  Well, Grade 3A used their engineering brains to plan and construct a house for the 4th Little Piggy.  As we already know, any structure including a house needs a strong and stable base or foundation. But after the foundation, the frame is next most important part of a house’s design. The frame holds the shape of a house together, preventing the house from falling or getting destroyed. Without a good frame, walls or a roof won’t matter.  We worked in teams to construct a house that a 4th little piggy could use to withstand the wrath of the “BIG BAD BLOW DRYER”.  All of our houses were reinforced with triangles, struts, and ties and survived the challenge!  Congratulations to all of the Junior Engineers in 3A!

-Paula Georgiou