The Crestwood Preparatory College Diploma

In 2016 a new Crestwood Preparatory College Diploma was introduced and in June 2017 was presented to some of our Graduates (the requirements are found by clicking here).  This diploma is for students that have become involved in the school and the community, that are well rounded in their academics at Crestwood, and is granted in addition to the regular OSSD.

You will see the great variety of activities that are part of our new diploma. The intent is to enrich the lives of our students so they, in turn, can enrich the lives of those around them. A majority of our children, in every grade and program, have already demonstrated the interest and work ethic necessary to achieve these standards. In most cases, in order for a student to earn the diploma, it is a matter of doing a little more community service or taking the time to complete the paperwork for the Duke of Ed Award.

If your child is in Grades 9 to 12 please take a moment to review the requirements with them and encourage them to become involved in the school and in their community.

If you have any questions regarding the diploma please contact any member of the Administration at the school.